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September 20, 2012


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Bryan Alexander

Good to see you blogging again, Ellen.


"What matters is what we DO with the information coming from these analyses"

I thoroughly agree and think that this is the area where analytics will stall to some degree. Management culture and organizational structures will largely constrain the ability of analytics to catalyze coalface change.

ellen wagner

Amen, Brother Rob.


Thanks, Ellen, for reminding us that if we ask the question "what are the data telling us?" we better be ready to respond with action..."the data are telling us that we need to provide multiple support paths for students..." or more directly, "the data are telling us that our teaching models suck for these students"

To ask and do nothing is far worse than not asking in the first place.

ellen wagner

HI Neil, thnx for commenting and for the welcome back. It's not so bad that there will be solutions. Analytics for learning have been around for a while, so its good there are current and emerging tools. What really seems to have changed is the accelerating recognition that these metrics matter in the new world order of informed enterprise decision-making. So many learning professionals have never really had to think about their practice from the bottom up. They NEED the solutions. Just not sure what to ask for, and so the dance begins.

See you on the dance floor?


Nice to see you blogging again.

I am particularly interested in your comment. " I expect we will all be hearing a lot about learning analytics solutions."

I am always astonished how quickly the 'solutions' arrive after the buzzwords hit!

I am sure you are right there will be some service or software at DevLearn offering to automate analytical results from your learning...

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