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December 03, 2011


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Great list, a helpful summary of items to research and news to share with my team. I'm glad to hear Second Life is out, it is not very accessible to students with vision disabilities.

Ellen Wagner

agree, Allison. It's not the immersive experiences that are dead...those are going to get even more important. It's the specific platform du jour. I chaired a session at OEB in which three different groups - one from Norway, one from Germany and one from Spain - were reviewing student and faculty technology use patterns of the recent year. And in all three cases, Second Life use had dropped like a stone. Gartner Research shows Second life at the bottom of the "Trough of Disillusionment". This will change of course....but for now, people are looking for more for the investment of time, energy.

Allison Rossett

Enjoyed the list and the conference tour.

I think that maybe we consign Second Life to the scrapheap of history too swiftly. Admittedly, I would have kissed SL good bye six months ago. Those avatars annoyed me.

But today, no.

I am evaluating a SL program and have been stunned at how much they liked the experience. And since working on it, I've been noodling around on SL alternatives.

The point isn't Second Life. The point in immersive experiences, more authentic than typical scenario based elearning.

So maybe we don't say bye bye to SL-ish experiences, not quite yet.

Distance Learning

Congratulations guys, you made it this far but there are still a lot to learn. By then, happy learning to that new thing.

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