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September 27, 2011


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Hi Dave, thank you for jumping in. You remind me while it is possible to run fomulae on just about anything, the numbers need to be meaningful to matter. And nothing speaks more loudly than making sure products and services are relevant and timely enough that they command a fair market value. Thank you for sharing your perspectives. And here's to Joe.

Dave Ferguson

In a 1975 interview with Training magazine, Joe Harless talked about front-end analysis (a term he coined) as part of solving problems for the client. One of his key questions was, "What's the value of solving the problem?"

The interviewer asked, "Value in terms of what?"

Harless: "In terms of money. Front-end analysis is about money first and foremost. So is training. If not, you’re baby-sitting or doing psychotherapy."

What he really meant, of course, is that if you're not delivering results that have value to the client (or, in terms of academia, the student), you're wasting their time.

Because even babysitters and psychotherapists charge.

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