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August 16, 2010


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Jeff Munson

Very sorry Ellen, I just read your response here. If this gets posted in time, the gathering is at 7:00PM tonight (Thursday) in Burk Hall, room #170.

Ellen Wagner

I was sorry to miss the services in Hayward this weekend, I am especially sad that I will not be able to join you at SFSU later this week. Do let me know the details and I will be happy to post the time and location.

Jeff Munson

Thank you, Ellen. I've been struggling with my feelings ever since learning of her death last week. I knew her as a professor, an instructor, and as my graduate advisor. In that role, she always brought part of her life to her beloved students without "preaching" her causes. She inspired us to want to know more, both about her and about the subjects that she taught. While I couldn't bring myself to intrude on her close friends and family at the Hayward service, I am looking forward to sharing stories and feelings with my fellow SFSU alumni, students, and faculty at a gathering in Burk hall later this week.

The phase of my life that included her in the roles above is through, and I am much richer for her involvement. While the loss we feel is tragic, a deeper tragedy is the fact that future ITEC learners will not be able to experience what I had the pleasure and privilege of experiencing.

The best that we can do is continue her dream as educators, and spread the knowledge that we earned from her to others.

Kate Miffitt

Kim was my professor at SFSU, too. Her enthusiasm for teaching and learning was infectious, and her willingness to experiment with her teaching and new technologies was inspiring.

Philip Hutchison

Kim was my professor at SFSU. She was a wonderful person, always smiling, always willing to help others without hesitation. She will be sorely missed.

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