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May 07, 2010


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Kevin Thorn

Thanks Ellen for taking the time to write such an informative article. I'll be sending those in my debate circles here!

I'm certainly not the band leader when it comes to Flash, but I am a fan and I do use it weekly.

Another important thing to note is this argument is about Flash and mobile devices, not Flash as an authoring tool how its contributions have evolved.

Web, mobile, RIA's, eLearning, etc. are only a few but lest we forget that Flash is HUGE in the animation industry. Specifically, broadcast animation. Anyone notice the popular eSurance (www.esurance.com) commercial? Yep! Broadcast animation totally done in Flash! Along with other tools, Flash is also used in many of the popular animated cartoons on TV today.

In the years to come Flash may evolve away from what we know it today, but I'm hard pressed to believe it will be around in some fashion for a very long time.

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