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May 06, 2010


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I agree with your thoughts on Flash, all this has been overhyped because of Apple blocking Flash on iPad/iPhone. HTML5 would take time to mature as a standard and even after that I doubt if it can replace Flash completely.
Here are my thoughts on why HTML5 is not ready for eLearning development –

Clark Quinn

A few comments:

Scribd is just one example of folks that are already putting HTML 5 to work, prime time or no.

I think folks aren't blaming Flash for bad apps, they're blaming Flash for bad performance.

I've recommended Flash for a long time as the way to deliver interactivity in a practical way (e.g. learning games). The fact that it's not really ready to perform on mobile devices means we need a better solution. I don't really care whether HTML 5 can deliver it, whether Adobe can make Flash efficient, or some third solution comes along, I just care that we have it, because the real game-change opportunity will come when we can deliver meaningful interactivity cross-platform through an app store. That's when we'll have the opportunity to really transform learning.


Very True. In my opinion steve jobs and html5 debates are only making flash famous than before.

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