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September 13, 2009


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Ellen Wagner

Hi Tom, thanks for those additions

Tom Werner

Hello Ellen, very nice list.

I realize the list isn't yours to add to, but I think two models/theories that should definitely be added (at least from the perspective of workplace learning) are:

1. Kolb's Experiential Learning model. Any corporate trainer who ever used an exercise or game in a session (which is everyone!) did it based on the theory that learning comes from experiencing something and then debriefing about it.

2. Human Performance Technology. This is a sort of anti-instructional design model that says that the real goal is performance, and that instruction is only one of a big bucketful of interventions that may be needed.

IMHO, both of these paradigms -- 'do something experiential in the classroom' and 'instruction isn't the only thing needed to improve performance' -- have had GIANT influences on workplace learning.


Ellen Wagner

thanks Jay, am fixing it now!!


Ellen, your link to the list is broken. It should be http://carbon.ucdenver.edu/~mryder/itc/idmodels.html (no "data"). jay

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