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August 31, 2009


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Dave Ferguson

One thought I have about ADDIE -- I think I actually threw this into the #lrnchat stew -- is that it's so hard to find a case where the A resulted in someone saying, "Well, it's clear that training's not the solution to this problem."

ADDIE presumes an skill/knowledge gap, which is fine when that's the case. Left unnoticed is a large process element, a performance problem analysis. But that's messier, don't have as large a group of Big Names, and isn't something people get dubbed into, the way subject-matter expertise can dub them first a trainer and then an instructional designer.

I think your comments about the extremes of adoption are very much on target. My unscientific bias is that people who work close to the front lines in large organizations understand all too well the organizational inertia that has to be overcome.

Jack Gordon of TRAINING Magazine once wrote that anytime he hears someone proclaiming how hard knowledge work is, he knew he was dealing with someone who never had to dig postholes in Georgia clay in the summer.

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