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April 06, 2009


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Dave Ferguson

Your post connects well with a recent twitter discussion that Clark Quinn revisited on his blog. http://blog.learnlets.com/?p=916

Knowing the ADDIE model is like knowing the dates, units, positions, and generals at the battle of Gettysburg. Producing an effective course is like Michael Shaara producing The Killer Angels.

Regarding your cluster of presentation skills: I think that for any professional in the training/learning field, a corollary to presenting is networking--and I mean in the sense of participating in an informal community of practice.

The first time I submitted a proposal to present at a professional conference, I realized what I'd committed myself to:

(1) Looking at what I was doing and the results I was getting, then
(2) Figuring out what in that would be useful for someone with a similar but not identical interest.

Your post is a bit like a position description for Renaissance Person with oak leaf cluster. I wonder about adding one more thing. That'd be skills related to recognizing that you don't know and can't do everything, to embracing your limits, and to collaborating successfully with people whose strengths complement yours.

Robert Kennedy

Thanks for this post Ellen. When I was first researching the industry, something like this was JUST what I was looking for. Of course, there were other ID blogs that helped me a great deal as well. So in light of that, I would add ability to network and participate in collaborative idea formation. Of course that is not only limited to this specific field. However, it is a skill that many neglect to work on. Thanks again. THis is great.


Robert K.

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