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March 18, 2009


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Some believe that it is the Apple developer community driving interest in iPhones that has helped accelerate iPhone (and iTouch) adoption. So yes, to part of your question. Do I think that L&D developers will be the ones to do it? Well, I would love to see that...I have never seen learning drive enterprise IT adoption. Usually it's the other way around. But if there was ever a time to see this dynamic shift it's now, as developers with a good app or two or three can do a very nice "long tail" business


Hey Ellen, I wonder how much of the adoption of SmartPhones will be driven by those who are interested in developing for those devices, especially as interest in these types of devices are used more and more for things like mobile learning. To be honest, I never considered purchasing an iPhone or anything like them (my phone calls people just fine, thank you very much!), but the prospect of developing mobile learning applications is getting me more interested.

I realize that I may be in the extreme minority, but do you think we'll get to the point where developers are driving sales of smartphones and similar devices so that the learning programs they develop will be usable by their learning universe? For example, the L&D manager of corporate conglomerate ABC decides that the company needs to implement a mobile learning program, and as a result the company provides 2,000 iPhones for the learning universe. Those sales would have been triggered by one app developer, but it would make all of those learners available for additional mobile learning apps. I see the possibility of a snowball effect here.

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